Coaching Services

Free 45 Minute Exploration Session

Explore if life coaching is a good fit for you.  We will meet over zoom to learn what areas of your life are challenging for you and what changes you would like to see. You learn more about the process of getting coached and determine if you are all in on investing in yourself and creating the results you desire.

4 Month Weekly Coaching Package

Weekly virtual 1 hour sessions to transform your mind and get results you love in 4 months.

If you feel that you should be happier in your day to day life or that something is missing, you need to learn how to think about your life to enjoy it. We aren't taught how to think about our lives in order to create one that we love. It won't be easier when your husband works a better shift, you get a raise, you pay off the car, etc. Your brain doesn't know how to manage your thoughts in a way that stop the judgement and self doubt and let you focus on what you value most. Your thoughts about your life are what determine your experience of your life. I will teach you to use your mind to transform your life.

Now that you know the benefits and results coaching will get you, start coaching and become the version of yourself you have always wanted to be!

6 Month Weekly Weight Loss Program

Weekly virtual 1 hour sessions to transform your mind and body. Get results you love in 6 months!


Your weight problem is not about food or willpower! It is a thought problem, which is good news for you. I will teach you how to stop the cycle of feeling a painful emotion, overeating or unhealthy eating, then judging and feeling bad about yourself. Once we have addressed the mental work, we come up with an eating protocol that you can both lose weight on and continue as a healthy and delicious lifestyle.  There is no one right diet and there will be no permanent off-limit foods.