I have always dreamed of being married and a mother and found that the reality was nothing like I had hoped.  My son was born and had instant and severe colic, crying for hours on end day and night.  When my son was three weeks old it was finally my husband’s turn to get a police dog that he had been waiting for years to get.  My husband was working nights and was now spending extra hours training his k9 partner.  I found myself a few months later diagnosed with post-partum anxiety, depression and PTSD.  Therapy and medication got me back to a state of functioning, but I wanted to be excited about my life again.  I found life coaching and gained back a passion and enthusiasm for my life.  I had to become a Life Coach and share this work of thought adaptation with other law enforcement families! I am thrilled to bring support and relief to law enforcement families and anyone interested in up-leveling their life!


My degree is in sociology. 

I am a certified veterinary technician and am bonkers for animals. 

I have worked at a zoo and a tiger sanctuary. 

I was an All-American gymnast and love to dance.

I am an amusement park ride enthusiast

Is Life Coaching a Good Fit for You?

Life Coaching is right for you if you are getting critical tasks done, but find yourself having a negative experience of your life in your own head.  It may look like you have a good life on to others, but you feel like it should be easier or you should be enjoying life more. 


You may feel that you and your spouse are on different pages with parenting, chores or money and your arguments always come back to the same exact issues.  

Perhaps you resent the police family schedule situation and feel like you can't stay on top of things or that you are constantly in overwhelm and crisis mode.

A common stressor in law enforcement families is the anxiety and fear that something bad will happen to you or your spouse.  You are exhausted from trying to manage that stress always being on the back burner of your mind. 

You want to improve your health or lose weight, but lose motivation and can't seem to make lasting changes and reach your goals.