Thin Blue Line Life Coach

Transforming Lives In Law Enforcement

Because You Could Be Stressing Less 

& Having Way More Fun!


Hello There

I'm Ashley

I'm a Certified Life Coach who specializes in working with law enforcement families.  I help you experience more peace and less stress in your daily life through thought adaptation coaching. I get you to stop thinking in ways that keep you feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious.  Together we figure out what your specific patterns are and change them as needed to let you enjoy your daily experience more.  I get your brain working FOR you allowing you to feel excited and create more fun.

 Common Coaching Results:

Reduced Overall Anxiety 

Clarity On Career Goals

Weight Loss Without Deprivation

More Connected to Spouse

Increased Passion And Joy For Life

Managing Major Life Transitions Easier

Increased Body Love & Confidence​

Decreased Intrusive Thoughts/Worst Case Scenario Thinking

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